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Troubleshooting And Repairing Your Gas Fireplace

If you are a homeowner with a gas fireplace, you may benefit from knowing a few troubleshooting tips. Keeping your fireplace functioning at its best will not only keep you warm in the winter, but it will reduce the chances of having to do expensive repairs in the future. Doing your own gas fireplace repair can save time and money and by learning a few tips, you will be able to keep your fireplace running at its best. Gas fireplaces provide you with warmth and the ambiance of a traditional fireplace without having to burn logs. One of the benefits of using a gas fireplace is you will remain warm even when the power goes out. While these fireplaces have many benefits, there are some problems that you may encounter from time to time. Learning how to troubleshoot these problems and perform your own gas fireplace repair will allow you to keep your fireplace running and reduce the chance of major problems. Pilot light Your gas fireplace has a dial to control the temperature. When the … [Read More...]


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Considering Buying A Gas Fireplace? Read This First!

Boy, it’s cold outside! It seems people always start considering the purchase or conversion to a gas fireplace when snow is eminent. Why would  you be partial to gas fireplaces over other options? They are easier to start. They are environmentally friendly. They are simple to clean. They require simple maintenance. Types of gas fireplaces Basically, there are three types of gas fireplaces: Inserts Zero-clearance Free … [Read More...]

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Do It Yourself Gas Fireplace Repair: How To Troubleshoot The Problem

Consumers consider gas fireplaces superior to traditional fireplaces because they lack indoor air pollutants and soot. Gas fireplaces are also safe and need little maintenance. Minor gas fireplace repair and maintenance is something the home handyman can safely perform. Pilot Light A faulty pilot light is a common problem in gas fireplaces. They sometimes refuse to remain lit or they burn low. This is caused by several things. First, the draft … [Read More...]

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What Is A Ventless Gas Fireplace?

A ventless gas fireplace is not only a beautiful addition to a home, it is also an efficient way to heat a space. A ventless system does not require any venting, since the combustion byproducts are exceedingly low. In fact, unvented fireplaces are 99.9 percent efficient, which means that all the gas used in the appliance stays inside the room where it sits, unlike gas furnaces, which send a portion of the heat they create up the chimney or … [Read More...]

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5 Tips To Help You Find Someone To Repair Your Gas Fireplace

Fireplaces can be one of the most endearing areas of your home. It's the center around which sometimes you entire family may gather. Whatever your family traditions for the gas fireplace in your home may be, they is most certainly are important. However, just like all other gadgets in your home, the gas fireplace sometimes breaks too: there are the leaks from the roof after a random warm winter day, or the chimney get clogged, or something comes … [Read More...]